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Can India Lead The World In Preventing Global Warming?

Chairman, K J Research Foundation
152 Poonamallee High Road, Chennai, India


The dimension of global warming is a serious concern for everyone which need to be addressed. The major cause of global warming is pollution of the atmospheric air. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are the major air pollutants. With the aim to combat smoke pollution we have developed this novel and cost effective methodology which utilizes a biological fluid namely Cow’s urine (Gomutra) as the biological filter to remove/trap the toxic components of smoke. It is observed that Gomutra is liberally sprinkled when Large quantities of smoke and fire emanates during religious ceremonies probably to ward of toxic gases. We have used a smoke generator as per the illustration and the smoke is allowed to pass through a jar containing fresh gomutra via a system of perforated and coiled polythene tubing. The out coming air physically appeared colorless and odourless. On analyzes of the out coming air showed about 95% clearance of carbon monoxide, 77.61% reduction in carbon dioxide and 25.96 % in particulate matter

Can India lead the world in preventing global warming Clean Air from smoke Global warming Air pollution

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