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From Rats to Human beings cancer can be cured

From rats to human beings after series of testing it has been found that Cancer can be cured by using a Personalized Cancer Vaccine prepared from patients own cancer tumor. This was proved by Dr. K. Jagadeesan, FRCS, founder and Chief Surgeon of K.J Hospital, Chennai.

He conducted the research on rats as models 15 years ago and found vaccine from the tumor could cure cancer among the rat. It was also used to prevent cancer implantation in other rats. Subsequently a lymph node cancer called Angio proliferative lymphoma was treated with cancer vaccine which was published in the Bombay Hospital Journal in 2006. The article is available at www: bhj.org. The patient survived for 11 years. In another case lymphosarcoma was also treated with tumor vaccine for about 4 years and thereafter patient moved out of Chennai and lost contact.

There were three Breast Cancer cases. The first and second case after other modalities of cancer treatment, the cancer vaccine procedure was adopted in all patients. The first patient is surviving for three years, second case is two years and the third case is surviving for the past one year. Further work is on Cancer vaccine will be taken up to make the vaccine universal and as a prevention agent.

The paucity of resources made the research delayed which will be taken up as soon as the funds are received from Government agencies and from other resources.

K.J Research Foundation is recognized by Dept. of Science and Technology and CBDT, Govt. of India. The donations to K.J Research Foundation are exempted from Income tax under section 35(1) (ii).

Recently a report had appeared in Times of India, Delhi edition titled “Personalized Shot – Tumor to cure cancer” meaning that one’s own cancer cells are used to produce the vaccine shot and inject the same intradermally or into the lymph node which will produce anti cancer antibody. This work was done by Dr. Richard Barth Jr. Chief of general surgery at Dartmouth Hicthcock Medical Centre, USA and he has done it for a patient with cancer of the colon.

This is the same vaccine which was developed by Dr. K. Jagadeesan 15 years ago as reported in Bombay Hospital Journal in 2006. This article is available at www.bhj.org

Dr.K.Jagadeesan can be contacted by phone 9144 26411513 and drkjagadeesan@gmail.com

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